ISMF European Series

Osttirol trophy

27.1.2018 vertical - Hochstein

28.1.2018 Individual - Zettersfeld


On Saturday the 27th of January the ISMF European Series "Vertical" is going to be held in Lienz. The race itself takes place on the local mountain "Hochstein".


The Hochstein comes up with threes sections and offers an overall height difference of about 1300m. The East Tyrol Trophy starts on the well known "Moosalm" and finishes on the 500 m superior "Sternalm". A grandiose atmosphere and an optimal provision in the mountain huts and on the racing tracks are guaranteed.


On Sunday  the 28th the Individuals also get their money's worth  at the ISMF European Series doing skimountaineering. The high alpine race starts directly above the sun city Lienz, on the Zettersfeld. Whilst the technical easy trail to the  "Steinermandl" lies within the skiing area with a continuous prepared slope, the racing section in the "Debanttal" is a very challenging and high alpine off-road section. A fixed-rope  sector to the "Schoberköpfl" demands a good alpine knowledge and also proper equipment.



President organising committee                Silvester Wolsegger                        

Race director                                                  Stefan Mutschlechner, Skiclub Lienz

Administrative officer and                           Sigrid Goldberger

communication with ISMF and ÖSV


The Courses

Saturday 27.01.2018 Vertical - Hochstein

Sunday, 28.1.2018 Individual - Zettersfeld



ISMF European Series Vertical Lienz - Hochstein

Saturday, 27th January 2018


9:30 am

briefing athlets -  Moosalm

10.00 - 12:00 am

distribution of bibs and late entries - Moosalm

12:30 pm

starting lineup in the corridors and Equipment control

12:45 pm

participants briefing in the start area

01:00 pm

start race class

01:10 pm

start hobby class

from 02:00 pm

lunch - Sternalm

03:00 pm

presentation ceremony - Sternalm


changes reserved!


ISMF European Series Individual Lienz - Zettersfeld

Sunday, 28th January 2018


from 7:00 am

ascent with the EUB Zettersfeld to the start area

07:30 - 09:00 am

distribution of bibs and late entries - Zettersfeld

08:00 am

briefing athlets

09:30 am

starting lineup in the corridors and equipment control

09:45 am

briefing participants in the start area 

10:00 am

start race class

10:10 am

start hobby class 

from 12:00 pm

lunch - valley station Steinermandl-Bahn

01:30 pm

presentation ceremony - valley station Steinermandl-Bahn

changes reserved!


Saturday, 27th January 2018 / ISMF European Series Vertical / Lienz Hochstein

 Sunday, 28th January 2018 / ISMF European Series Individual / Lienz Zettersfeld


Cadet male / female

year 2001 - 2003

Juniors male / female

year  1998 - 2000

Seniors male / female

year  1974 - 1997

Master male / female

year  1972 - and older



male / female



28.01.2018  Lienz / Zettersfeld

detailed information follows




Registration fee

Saturday, 27th January 2018 / ISMF European Series VERTICAL

Cadet and juniors

€ 15,00

Seniors and masters

€ 20,00

Hobby class

€ 20,00



Sunday, 27th January 2018 / ISMF European Series INDIVIDUAL

Cadet and Juniors

€ 20,00

Seniors and masters

€ 25,00

Hobby Class

€ 25,00



KOMBINATION PACKAGE Vertical + Individual 

Cadet and juniors

€ 30,00

Seniors and masters

€ 40,00

Hobby class

€ 40,00





Included for each participant are: 

starting package

food an drinks during the races

1 lunch 

1 drink 


Sunday, 28.1.2018 ascent and descent with the EUB Zettersfeld  


late entries from 26.1.2018 onwards: + € 10,00 


bond € 5,00 for transponders




For both races on 27th and 28th January the reglement of the "Österreichische Wettkampfordnung / Zusatz Skibergstiegen" is valid. Link follows


The organizer assumes no liability for accidents which occure before, during or after the race. In terms of bad weather the organizer reservs the right to change the course.







Gasthof Schlossberghof

Iseltaler Straße 21a

9900 Lienz

Tel: +43 4852 63233



Familienhotel  Moosalm
Marita & Reinhard Tiefenbacher
A-9900 Lienz, Schloßberg 24
Tel. +43 4852 63837
Fax +43 4852 63837-35



Hotel Holunderhof****

Zettersfeldstraße 36

9905 Gaimberg / Lienz


Tel: +43 4852 62766


Sporthotel Hochlienz

Familienresort & Almdorf

Zettersfeld 1, 9900 Lienz

Tel.: +43 4852 6661, Fax DW 32




Further Information about accommodation you can finder under:  

Tourismusverband Osttirol

Mühlgasse 11

9900 Lienz

Tel. 0043 50 212 212